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2019-03-18 10:00 pm

notes towards a better black lagoon

So I just finished watching Black Lagoon, and while there's a lot there that I found compelling, the show ultimately fails to live up to what I felt it promised, and what I wanted.

This post is analysis-by-way-of-rewrite. It's not really a fanfiction or a script doctor or anything like that, but my intention is to talk through the show, arc-by-arc, to briefly discuss some of the issues I had with it, and how it might have been done better. As a disclaimer, I've not read any of the manga, and so this is going to be based solely on the anime itself. I recognize that there is an element of arrogance to this concept, and I'm ok with that.

Balalaika is the best character and Dutch reads Mao )

In conclusion I don't know if this would ultimately be a better show but I think it would do a better job at following through on some of the unkept promises, and cut back on the eXtrEmeLy eDgY use of sexual violence without purpose.
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2018-12-05 07:44 pm
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2018 in review - anime

Wow I watched a lot of anime this year! Way more than I usually do. Some of this was because there was a lot of good stuff coming out,and the rest just because I was already following a ton of stuff so why not.

Anyway, now that we're heading into the home stretch of the fall season, I wanted to write up some of my thoughts and opinions about what I watched this year. It turns out, I have enough material for a pretty solid top 10, so that's most of what this post is. There are some other things that I watched some of, dropped, or otherwise didn't feel strongly about, and I'll touch on those a bit before the end.

Everything on this list is gonna have spoilers )
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2018-12-05 12:16 am

holy shit i still have one of these.

Wow, I used to post fanfiction here lmao.

I might make those posts private tbh. I'm not sure I want those front-and-center if I'm going to use this site for things going forward.

edit: actually you know what. its fine if people read the embarrassing fanfic i wrote four years ago

edit2: actually not fine. hid them